“Basketball is Life”



Have you ever heard anyone say “basketball is life”? There may have been a t-shirt with that phrase and added text “the rest is just details”. For those that eat, sleep, and breathe hoops, well, basketball IS life. It’s what they live for. And it is great, and necessary, to have a (healthy) passion. We at Aim High Hoops are fortunate to be able to live our passion through our clinics, lessons, and DVDs.

For those who may say basketball is “only a game”, the truth is that basketball is LIFE…in a different way than our introductory paragraph states. Hoops teaches players about common goals, working with different kinds of people (players, coaches), individual improvement, performing against high and low expectations, dealing with predictable and unforeseen adversity, fair play, unfair play, disappointment, triumph, feelings of jealousy, empathy, celebrating a teammate’s success, supporting someone who needs it, expressing creativity and the imagination, and taking risks.

Are those not all life skills as well?

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