IHSA March Madness Fans:

When March Madness ends, the off-season begins! Let our training DVDs provide the shooting guidance you need to help yourself, your child, or your team become more confident than ever when shooting the basketball!

Progressive Handling, our 2nd of three training DVDS, and our Coaches’ Clinic DVD will also be for sale later this spring. Check back often for the introductory offers!

Pure Shooting DVD Purchasing Options:

Order by mail: Send checks made to Aim High Hoops to:

Aim High Hoops, Inc.

2876 Stowmarket Ave.

Rockford, IL 61109

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So, What Do You Receive with Our Instructional DVD?

Pure Shooting, the first of three instructional DVDs from Aim High Hoops, is now available in its 2nd edition, which includes an endorsement from current Cleveland Cavaliers 3-point specialist Anthony Parker.

We’ve worked to develop a presentation formula that can connect with players, parents, and coaches of a variety of experience and basketball skills levels.

This DVD focuses on the art of “making shots” at a high percentage in game situations. The mechanics and practice routines involved are broken down into incredible detail, with demonstrations provided by boys and girls as young as 10 years old and extending all the way up to college players, including former University of Iowa 3-point specialist Devan Bawinkel and former Marquette University sharpshooter Courtney Weibel.

This DVD presents both basic and advanced shooting techniques, useful to both beginning players as well as experienced players.

DVD Breakdown:

The Snapshot: A quick overview of the teaching principles of the DVD. If you are a “main points only” type of learner, this is a great summary section for you!

The Breakdown: The nitty gritty of the main DVD teaching points is found here.  Not only is this section of the DVD filled with all the easy-to-understand explanations of the skills involved, but it also has an abundance of player demonstrations and visual effects to illustrate the teaching points.

The Roadmap: Referred to as “Simplified Progression”, Aim High Hoops takes the information from the instructional DVD and lays it out as an series of skill objectives for players to master. Once the objectives are mastered…..look out defenses!

The Interview: Don’t just take our word on what we are teaching! Each of our DVDs include interviews with big-time basketball players and their thoughts on the main teaching points of the DVD. For “Pure Shooting”, we sat down with former University of Iowa 3-point specialist Devan Bawinkel and former Marquette University sharpshooter Courtney Weibel to discuss the 6 Principles of Pure Shooting.

The teaching principles of Pure Shooting are all straight to the point. In only 60 minutes, players, parents, and coaches will have a very clear picture of what it takes to become a Pure Shooter.  The rest is mental. After watching the DVD, put the doubts aside and remember: “It’s never too early or too late to become a Pure Shooter!”