June Drill of The Month: Finishes at the Rim

Drill = “1 on 1 Finishes”

Way to Score = Off the Dribble Finishes

# of Players = 2+

1. Offensive player starts behind the three point line. Defensive player starts under the backboard.
2. Once the offensive players dribbles, the defender can attack the offensive player.
3. Defensive player can not go outside of the “goalie” box. Offensive player needs to touch the “goalie” box or get one step from the goalie box (coaches choice).
4. You can play this as a 1 on 1 game to a certain number points or as teams and play it to a certain number of points.

1. Work on your signature finish: Power, Runner, Floater, Reverse, Post Moves (if needed), other.

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