Pre-season visions

Happy Labor Day!

Depending on your level, players, the first day of practice may be coming into view. School is back in session. Open gym and conditioning opportunities may be available. The days are getting shorter. For some of you, as soon as four weeks from now the season begins.


Just thinking about it is extremely exciting! Each new season brings reason for new hope and energy. Hopefully, commitment in the off-season has brought higher levels of confidence too.


Players: Take this pre-season time to think about a few questions.

First, what will you be doing in games this year that you were not last year? Did you had a shot off the dribble? A finish at the rim? Are you shooting the ball straighter? Which skills have you added to your game?


Second, what can you still add to your game-time skills? What have you thought about but have yet to take action on? What is your next step? Is it a new break-down dribble move? Are you taking your game into the post?

We issue this two-question challenge as a way to bring focus through mental preparation. The mind is a powerful thing. Doing things on the court is easier when you’ve envisioned it ahead of time. What do you see in yourself?


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