The Report Card

What is a Pure Shooter’s Report Card?

The PSRC is no different than a school report card.  Instead of the school teacher evaluating the student on their strengths and weaknesses in English, Math, and Spelling, the Aim High Hoops teacher is evaluating the player on the strengths and weaknesses of their shooting mechanics.

School report cards give students an idea of how to move forward to the next grade level in the most successful way possible.  The same is true for the Pure Shooter’s Report Card!  The PSRC gives players a crystal clear picture of their own shots, and then provides players with an easy-to-understand plan for becoming a better shooter!

What exactly do you receive in a Pure Shooter’s Report Card?

1) An 8-page booklet of detailed feedback on your shooting mechanics: This  includes a rating system to measure every aspect of your shot, along with comments.

2) Your clinic video footage (if purchased at Pure Shooting Clinic): There is no better way to understand your shot, with help from the Report Card booklet, than by watching yourself shoot.

3) The Pure Shooter’s Report Card Drills DVD: These drills are meant to help train your muscles to shoot the right way every time, and are customized for you according to your Report Card.

We  take great care in analyzing every player’s video footage, thus GUARANTEEING you, the players, a better understanding of where your shot currently is and how to make it better.  Using the 6 Principles of Pure Shooting, as taught in our DVD and Pure Shooting Clinics, we want to take all guesswork out of the equation. You can IMMEDIATELY take your shot to a higher level with the Pure Shooter’s Report Card!

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