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To Coaches:

We would love to be part of your off-season team training. We specialize in individual improvement  and offer three skill clinics in the areas of shooting, ball-handling, and scoring. Our Progressive Skill Development program gives players and coaches a common vocabulary and a clear, proven path to shooting and dribbling proficiency.

We work with small and large groups. We have experience working with young players and state championship coaches. Visit our testimonials page to read what people say about their experiences with Aim High Hoops. We offer flat-rate pricing for single clinics, and discounted rates for multiple clinics. Click below to download a PDF of our clinic pricing.

Aim High Hoops – Skill Development Clinics Overview and Pricing (2015)


Bottom line: This is our passion, and we would love to share it with you and help your team improve their shooting, dribbling, and scoring skills. Visit our contact page and let’s get started!

What is new for 2015?

In addition to our traditional Pure Shooting, Progressive Handling, and Creative Scoring clinics, we are excited to offer two new options to coaches: 1) Creative Scoring Pick Two and 2) The “Your Choice” Clinic.

“Pick Two” gives coaches the opportunity to zero in on two creative scoring methods of their choosing, between Off the Catch Moving Jumpers, Off The Dribble Jumpers, Off the Catch/Dribble Rim Finishes, and Post Moves. This clinic offers technical instruction, repetition, and one-on-one competitions of the desired scoring method(s).

“Your Choice” is about finding exactly what is best for your team. The best combination of shooting, handling, scoring, and skill workouts is for you to decide and for us to make it a meaningful and customized 2.5 hours of helping your players take their skills to higher levels.

 2014 Clinic Schedule

Date                      Team                                                                   Program (s)

February 22          Winnebago, IL (7th grade)                    Pure Shooting/Progressive Handling

March 24            Open Enrollment (3rd-8th grade)             3 in 1: Shooting/Handling/Scoring

May 10                Rockford Christian Elementary              Progressive Handling

May 17                Rockford Christian Elementary              Pure Shooting

June 5                  Lisle HS                                             Pure Shooting

June 6                  Lisle HS                                             Progressive Handling

June 6                  Gardner South Wilmington HS              Pure Shooting

June 7                  Lisle HS                                             Creative Scoring

June 11                Neuqua Valley HS                               Creative Scoring

June 16                Hinckley-Big Rock HS                         Pure Shooting/Progressive Handling

June 17                Hinckley-Big Rock HS                         Creative Scoring/90-minute Workout

July 17                The Willows Academy                          Pure Shooting/Progressive Handling

July 18                The Willows Academy                          Creative Scoring/90-minute Workout

July 22-24          Open Enrollment (6th-12th grade)            Ultimate Pure Shooting Clinic

July 29-31          Open Enrollment (6th-12th grade)            Ultimate Progressive Handling Clinic

To Parents:

We offer customized individual and group lessons as well. Visit our contact page to let us know how we can help you!


Introduced in 2012: Creative Scoring


Creative Scoring is where having the ball in your hands really gets fun. We take concepts from both the Pure Shooting and Progressive Handling programs and show players how they can put the ball in the hoop once it (and it will) become the defense’s top priority to not let that happen. Players that make shots get attention, and making shots therefore can be tougher because players are open less often throughout the course of games.

We teach players to think about their “go-to” scoring move. Just like a “go-to” breakdown move from the Progressive Handling program, this is something a player works on and is confident shooting in a game, open or not but most likely not. Creative Scoring is all about scoring when guarded. Just being a threat to score when guarded puts pressure on the defense and opens up opportunities for the entire offense.


Click Here for our 2012 Clinic Schedule!


Aim High Hoops is in its third year of running team clinics. The Summer of 2011 was dedicated to promoting the Pure Shooting program, and in the fall we introduced the next phase of our Progressive Skill Development Program: Progressive Handling. The Summer of 2012 will see a full schedule of Pure Shooting and Progressive Handling clinics while we work towards introducing the third and final component of Progressive Skill Development: Creative Scoring. The Creative Scoring program will take the concepts from Pure Shooting and Progressive Handling and give players the techniques they need to create scoring opportunities at will. As we all know, the higher the level of competition, the harder it is to find an easy scoring opportunity. Creative Scoring completes the Progressive Skill Development program and shows players a clear picture of what they will need to do at the highest levels of competition.

Click Here to Download a PDF of our 2011 Clinic Schedule!

The Pure Shooting Clinic from Aim High Hoops was designed to give players of all ages and skill levels what they need to understand their shot mechanics and how to practice in order to have ultimate confidence that every shot is going in!

Whether a player is just picking up a ball for the first time, or been playing for years, the Pure Shooting Clinic is the place to learn the essential shooting mechanics all Pure Shooters must have.  At the clinic, players learn how to practice the mechanics within a structured warm-up and workout routine, adaptable to players based on their age and/or skill level.

The Pure Shooting Clinic not only provides nearly two hours of detailed shooting instruction, but also has resources available for players, perhaps with the help of their parents/coaches, to take and apply the 6 principles of Pure Shooting over an extended period of time.

What are those resources? The Pure Shooting instructional DVD will be available for purchase at every Pure Shooting clinic, and illustrates in greater detail the learning concepts from the clinic.

Also available is the Pure Shooter’s Report Card, the most detailed breakdown available on a player’s shooting mechanics. The Report Card is based on video footage of the player shooting, from the clinic. It provides powerful feedback that the player can see how to apply, based on the same footage they receive back, and put into practice, based on their application of Report Card analysis.

Introduced in 2011: The Progressive Handling Clinic.

Progressive Handling addresses two questions for players: 1) Can you handle the ball against anybody?, and 2) Can you break down anybody off the dribble?
Our Progressive Handling skill clinic helps players answer “yes” to those two questions. Handling the ball is what good players to get their teams into offense, while breaking down defenders with the dribble is essential to create scoring opportunities.  
Progressive Handling is not just about dribbling drills. The 6 Principles of Progressive Handling is a system where players learn specific techniques for how to handle the ball, how to break down defenses, and the program ends with the practice drills that help make those handle and break down techniques second nature.
It’s all about knowing the skills, practicing a lot, and being confident when it is time to play. We hope we can help!

RPS Clinic: October 13, 2012

Thank you to Rockford #205 Athletic Director Mat Parker, Auburn boys’ coach Bryan Ott, and the Auburn boys’ basketball team for helping us present our Progressive Skill Development program to approximately 60 coaches on October 13. The audience got an overview of how Pure Shooting, Progressive Handling, and Creative Scoring all tie together.



Professional Showcase: June 30 & July 1, 2012


Packed POG schedule.

Team “Tijuana”


Spoonman’s Ref Clinic.

With coach Sean Rooks.


Coaching Clinic: October 8, 2011

On October 8, 2011, we had the opportunity to present at the Quad State Basketball Coaching Clinic at Northridge Prep High School in Niles, IL.
“Progressive Skill Development” is our company slogan and the title of the clinic presentation. We talked to the coaches about the “big picture skills” of handling and breaking down with the dribble, and making then creating shots. We then talked about the progressive system we teach to help players reach those four big picture skills. Enjoy the pictures below.


…and demonstrations.