Two steps to becoming better

Last month we had the opportunity to speak at the Hononegah Boys’ Basketball Camp to approximately 150 players, grades 1-12. It can be difficult to find the right message for that range of audience, which includes varying age, skill, and interest levels in basketball. We think we found our best chance to hit home with everyone.

“Two steps to becoming better” was the theme, and it encompassed our four skill goals of Make, Create, Handle, and Break Down.

Step 1: Get great at the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals? They are shooting (MAKE) and dribbling (HANDLE) through lots of correct repetition of proper form.

What does “great” mean? Well, at the 2nd grade level it might be one thing, but without improvement, that 2nd grade skill level won’t hold up against those 5th graders.

Step 2: Define your game.

Two ways to define your game are with a one-on-one dribble move (BREAK DOWN) and how you score (CREATE). Whatever the dribble move is, the commonalities will be attacking the defender straight on, and changing speeds to execute the move.

Coming off the recent Cavs/Warriors 2015 NBA Finals, we used the LeBron iso rocker step jumper, Curry wide-scoop finish, and Curry quick step-back as examples of how some of the best have defined their games.

The last part of the message was about perspective and confidence. Working hard on those two steps are for the best players in each class, who need to stay hungry to stay there, and for those chasing those at the top, to climb that competitive ladder.









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